Sunday, 6 June 2010

Blender Textures

So, something I finally saw in action at the Copic Certification is colourless blender textures. When I first read about it, the images didn't do it justice. I really couldn't figure out the benefits, so I never really played around with it too much. Then In the Copic course I had a chance to see it in action and try it myself, and now I'm addicted. I used it recently on the rock walls in this drawing. Its a nice subtle textured effect.
So I started grabbing everything in sight to see what sort of textures I could get and I made a sheet for my reference book.
How its done: I took a Copic wide marker and made these swatches of blue, but if you were doing an illustration, you'd do the colouring of your section first (and before you colour the rest of the image). You put colourless blender solution in a spray bottle (preferably something that does a fine mist. you can get them from a craft store), and mist it on the texture, then you press that texture onto your coloured area. be gentle. Let the blender dry before really judging the technique. Test it on swatches with different techniques.
Here is mine:

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