Monday, 6 December 2010

Monday Free bee - Santa hat

HappyCrafter did an awesome job on this card using my last weeks freebee :) He'll still be available for another week so snag him for free while you can.
My free bee's only are free for 2 weeks.

Don't forget to check out my shop with all my digis. there are lots of Christmas ones in there :)

This week's free bee is again christmas related - sorry to those of you that don't celebrate or are wanting something different. time will come ;P
Now Available in the shop

This is a pup in a giant santa hat.
I inked him with a Pentel Brush pen, which was nice. I rarely get to use it because I'm always needing Copic Proof pens, but this one I wasn't colouring directly, so it was okay! I love the variation of lines that you get with brushes.

I'm now thinking that if I do my Conflagration comic in black and white like I'm planning to, this might be the pen I use. It's got the blackest ink, the refills are available to me at my work and the line quality is a delight!
Hm.... I'll need to practice some before committing to that, LMAO!
Maybe I'll see about inking an illustration with it and then printing and colouring it with copics soon...

So has anyone been using my Free Bees? or my tutorials?  Can I see what you've done? link them to me :D

Thanks to Free Digital Stamps for featuring me :D 
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