Emoticons from Serene Comics.

The images used in the layout of this blog (the background & header) are all made by me, coloured with Copic Markers.

Terms of use for my Digis
Copyright Notice for Gurukitty Digi Stamps
Gurukitty studios retains all copyright to the images in the stamps and will pursue legal action against individuals and companies not complying with our policies.
Please remember: These designs are done by an artist, who is offering your a delighful product that will never wear out, for the fraction of the cost of a rubber stamp. Please have respect for the work of all artists.
By purchasing my designs you are agreeing to these terms, and will face legal action if in violation of these terms.

You may NOT:
* You may not redistribute the stamps. This includes passing them on to friends. Please have your friends purchase them from the shop if they enjoy them.
*You may not resell these Digi stamps.
* You may not claim ownership of the images in these stamps. Gurukitty retains ownership of copyright on these stamps.
* You may not turn my designs into rubber stamps. If you need designs for rubber stamps you may commission me for custom work.
*You may not sell or share my designs as digital files or printed sheets.
* You may not digitize my designs for embroidery machines etc.
* You may not use my designs for print on demand services such as Cafepress, Zazzle etc.
* You may not modify my designs in anyway.  except to create scenes with multiple images etc.  Contact me if you have a question. I usually reply within 6 hours of any emails.
* Please avoid combining my designs with other peoples designs.
* you may not remove my tiny signature from the stamps - Firm on this!

You may:
* Use these stamps in projects intended to sell on handmade work (ie: cards, scrap book, etc) not to resell as prints, products or digitally coloured images.
* credit me whenever possible - I understand you can't post it on every card, or project but if you post on a blog, please give a little credit link, and word of mouth is always helpful.
* Share your creations with our stamps on your blog and websites - with credit please.
* email me and show me what you've created with my designs! I've very much appreciate seeing my designs in your projects!

Refund policies:
Unfortunately due to the nature of the products I cannot give refunds on digi-stamps.
if for some reason the file you received is corrupted, or unusable I will gladly resend it. I recommend backing up the file on a portable drive or CD.

Classes are also Non-Refundable after the class starts. If you can't attend you can get a refund any time before the start date.

I'm delighted to answer any questions you may have. Please contact me at guru@gurukitty.com

People use my images!

Here is a list of blog posts leading to cards made with Digi Stamps I have provided. I'll add them as they get made! I really appreciate everyone who uses my images! If you have used my images please feel free to comment and leave a link to your card. I'll add it ASAPMy Shop.

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