Monday, 5 April 2010

My arsenal

So as a christening post for my new blog, I thought I would show off my arsenal. It's required of 2 images, Tools in action, and tools on standby.
Let's start with tools on standby:
1: Markers in 2 marker racks. I have the fortune of being employed at an art store, so when a product like Tria Markers get discontinued the racks generally go in the garbage. ZING! score for me, I have 2 Tria racks stuffed to the gills with Tria markers, promarkers, and prismacolour markers. This is my Open stock
2: a Tria wallet. I got this one for free when I complained to Letraset about how they messed up their product when they revamped them. They sent me the wallet full of markers. Nice.
3 Prismacolour French Grey set. (gorgeous!)
4: Old Tria green/blue set
5: Promarker airbrush: once I run out of Pro markers I'll buy a copic airbrush system. I now have a copic ABS, and mailed this pro marker one to a friend :)
6: set of cool grey touch markers
7: Empty copic ink bottles (for colour mixing)
This is stuff I don't use all the time, so I tuck em away.
In action
1: Light table 12x18. I use this to ink my sketches on a new sheet.
2: Set of Copics. I've bought mine one by one. I have a mix of ciao and sketch markers. I also have 2 on the end that were colours I mixed myself.
3: 2 mixed colours I've made in empty ink bottles.
4: my Refill ink bottles colour set
5: Qtips. Oh for a tutorial maybe?!
6: prismacolour brown inking pen, pink sakura micron (NOT my favourite), and blue Colour Eno mechanical col erase pencil.
7: Copic Black in Pro set. (Includes 3 black markers, a black Various Ink refill bottle, 4 multiliner SP's (0.1, 0.3, 0.5, and Brush) and two SP refill cartridges.)
8:Taco Pencil case full of erasers, more ink pens etc. The taco is important.
9: Elemental Magic: The most amazing book ever!
10: Aquabee Bleed proof marker paper. these are a Pk/50 11x17 I cant get anymore! so I bought a ton of them! HA!
#11: Possibly the most important. Pengy, my penguin!

And there you go, my arsenal!
I'm all set up to do a time lapse video of colouring that sketch on the light table, so look forward to that!

marker on!


  1. Holy shit woman! You are PACKING! I am so jealous of your reclaimed racks XD

    Can't wait to see your video!

  2. yay i see some chaffords!!!! i love the collection 8D

  3. @angela HAHA! yeah, I have at least 300, and on top of THAT I found some that didn't make it into the picture ROFL! I'm pretty obsessed. AND the batteries died on my Camera half way through inking XD FAIL

    @Robbienate. PRISMA!

  4. Wow that is a lot of markers. I have a few prisma markers that I found at an art store...a set of Tria markers and about 30 copic markers with a multi-liner set...I find sakura micron pens smudge when using copics with them >.<

  5. @raine Yes i HATE those sakura microns. I try to use Copic Multiliners for black and Prismacolour fine liners for colour if I have the right colours.

  6. from one art store employee to another....those marker racks look awful familiar.. ;)

  7. @lisa OH there has to be perks right? :P


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