Monday, 14 June 2010

Blending - fabric

So the videos have finally all uploaded, and I can share them with you now
Colouring Nakias Vest (the most indepth on the blending technique - 2 Parts)

Skirt fabric folds (3 markers)

and here's the image used for the tutorials, so you can see the colours in action.


  1. Hi there,

    I saw your comments on the Icopic blog and I think that is perfectly fine if you play along (I am actually iCopicgal, but I mostly go by thescrapmaster, LOL). I think you have brought up some really valuable information and I will definitely be talking with Ashley about your comments. I would love for iCopic to be THE place for all things Copic related, not just cardmaking. Thanks so much for the suggestions and I hope to see you around the iCopic blog.


  2. @thescrapmaster OH! Sneaky! HAHA! The magic of usernames! LOL
    Good to know, another blog to follow *follows*
    Yay! I will see if I can get a little entry into this challenge then! Oh Exciting! I love participating!

    Well, I'm glad to offer my input (and wow, it's nice to be heard as well! Can't tell you how many people just don't reply, LOL)
    I know a few of my friends shop on icopic, and I have a stuffed full wishlist of stuff I cant get through work.

    You've made me very excited about it! Thank you :D


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