Monday, 27 September 2010

icopic Challenge #4

This is an illustration I did for the icopic challenge #4. The 3 colours were brown yellow and orange.
Colours used: Y06, Y04, Y13, Y15, Y17YR23, YR24,YR04, E49 $E44
Inked with Copic multiliner, on copic illustration paper. 
I also used Copic Opaque white. 
Doesn't get any more Copic than that!
So the colours immediately brought to mind Orcas in the sunset to me. I live in Vancouver of course which has around it's shores more Orcas than anywhere else in the world. I adore orcas and I've adopted from the Killer Whale Adoption program since 2009. The first whale I adopted was a a transient male named Seaforth, but shortly after I adopted him he was declared dead. They let me choose a new whale. So I adopted Current. He's a young one. Then randomly it turns out that someone I work with also adopted a whale, and it turned out to be Current's bother, Surf. Very random.

Anyway, little story. I wanna win that swatchbook! wish me luck :D
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