Thursday, 7 October 2010


I drew a Zombie!
He's cute!
he's for the iCopic Colour Challenge. I also put the line art of this as a stamp in my shop. just click on him to go to the image in the shop.
Colouring challenges are a great way to enhance your copic skills.
Colours used: yr04, yr09, bv00, bv01, bv04, e70, e71, 100, a few others :P

Okay, I'm getting a lamp for my desk here so I can go back to doing proper tutorials! gosh, I've had such a hard time photographing and making videos from the poor lighting in my apartment. then I'll do more tutorials, and illustrations!
not sure what my next tutorial should be that's worthy of a video. I really want to redo my other ones, so I might just do that to get me going.

Also, I made an oak fairy
Click on the image to go to her place in the shop.
 this ones has 3 versions, one like the preview, one with no leaves, and one with just the leaves.

Well, I hope everyone's enjoying my blog - I know I've had a few people un-follow me. If there is something you'd like me to do, just give a comment and let me know! I would really like to make everyone happy!

stay tuned for tutorials! I promise some new ones soon now that I'll have a lamp!
By the way, I might be slow on getting anything up for a while, I've got the most severe wrist pain I've ever had. I've been drawing too much clearly.

Anyway... night night!


  1. Sorry to hear that your wrist is sore. I just love that zombie!

  2. Wow, you have been going through a phase of inspiration I see, that's great! Hope your wrist heals up and looking forward to seeing the art and tutorials you create :-) Don't worry about lost followers, we all get them, it's a bit of a rollercoaster.

  3. Zombie is adorable! sorry your wrist is sore, no good but the art seems to keep flowing I hope you are having fun with it!

  4. @happy crafter - ya, my concern is losing my original audience of illustrators, but after i investigated I don't think I did.

    Yay my lamp is awesome! I'm gunna do tutorials AS SOON AS I CAN. I keep drawing despite my wrist, LMAO!


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