Thursday, 25 November 2010

Copic classes online?

I've always dabbled with this idea, but now as I'm starting to really make my life focused on markers (my copics full colour in markers, its become nearly my only artistic medium for years, and I sell them at work) I'm feeling like classes are the next step for me. Online classes.
I made a poll on deviantART about pricing, but I thought this would be a good place to ask you guys, Would you even like to attend a class by me?
This is in the early planning stages of course, I'm actually trying to come up with a lesson plan now to see how much information I'd have to share etc, but still, I'm mainly interested in knowing if there is interest there at all.
I've done a bit of teaching before, and I've done live demo's but I've not had the opportunity to have a class where I can do follow up and assignments.

So does that interest anyone?

I'm not seeing the Digi Stamps and a rather prolific career choice at this time (not that it was, Comics are.. but you get my point), I'm trying to find other ways to satisfy my need to share my information but also knowing the value of my time and my experience I'd like to make a little income with that.

So please, let me know your honest truthful opinion :)


  1. I think that would be a great idea. I have subscribed to your Youtube-tutorials and I think they are most helpful!

  2. I think you could get some people to take a class.

    I am taking an online class now but I can't help with pricing because this one is being done for free.

    I know Suzanne Dean does online classes you may be able to Google her and find out how much she charges.

    Can you do certifications?

  3. I wouldn't be making anyone COPIC certified as I do not work for Copic, but Yes a certificate through the website would be possible.

  4. What about in person classes? I know a lot of the local LSS do classes, I've even been tempted to go to a few....don't know if that would be a conflict for your work or if you have room there to do it or if they'd mind if you went to a card making store to do it...

  5. i have done in person classes but then there are so many more fees like renting the rooms and etc.
    I already do demos and the in person thing I really am not that fond of.
    I like the idea of online because of the lower cost, and i an prepare more in advance like pre recorded lessons.


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