Monday, 13 December 2010

Decoding Copic Markers

Every time I want to talk about the way Copic labels it's colours, and how to interpret it, I forget where I learned it to link it!! Well, Nevermore! I'm going to put it all right here! I am sorry for the blog flood today though! trying to catch up! HAHA!

Decoding Copic Markers
The numbers and letters on the copic cap's actually serve a great purpose.

The letters are fairly simple to discern: 
B=Blue, BG=Blue Green, BV=Blue Violet, G=Green,YG=Yellow Green, Y=Yellow, YR=Yellow Red, R=Red, RV=Red Violet, V=Violet, E=Earth, C=Cool Gray, N=Neutral Gray, T=Toner Gray, W=Warm Gray

The numbers can be a little bit tricky. All the markers follow the same principle except Earth colours (E).
Every Copic Rep, blogger, and artists I've ever met or spoke to has said this, but no one has decoded the earth's for me. All I can tell you about earth colours is that they have blending groups, and they're yummy.

Behind the letters of the code, there are 2 numbers the first number is the colours Saturation - in other words, how pure and bright the colour is. Or put differently; how much grey is in it. Example: BG05 would be a very vibrant bright, clear colour as it has no grey in it, while BG93 is a very dull and greyed colour because it's got the highest concentration of grey in it; it is in fact called Green Grey.
Now the second number shows how dark or light a colour is. So BG00 is a very light colour, it's nearly white, while BG09 is quite a dark colour, but the purity of colour is still there.

Now you know that information, How do you use it?
Well,  you can easier find blending groups by paying attention to these codes, and also you'll easily find colours that will feather blend together.

Blending groups generally have the same numbers as a first number, and the second letter moves higher or lower.
EG: BG93, BG96, and BG99

This is a blending group! Of course you always must experiment but having the Copic swatch book handy, takes all the hunting and guess work out of it (especially for those pesky E's)!

I'll be using this information a little more in my copic class in February too!
 I'm making it's own tag 'copiccode" too so I can always find this, LOL!

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