Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Class Soon

So less than a week until the class starts. If you haven't enrolled yet, you should get on it before it's too late!
I'm still working on stuff for it, but I'd like to know - is there any class in the future you'd be interested in?

The Free Bee's I'm going to try to pump out every once in a while, but not as regularly as before, but mondays are the days. I no longer have a designer, and not many people share with me when they use my Digis, so I don't often get fun examples of my Digis in use.
This Time someone DID use my digi, and shared it with me too! Check it out! That's always a thrill for me to see :D

This year we're going to try to really get going with the comics and conventions, so keep your eyes peeled for some sneek peeks at my comic I'm colouring completely in with Copics.
We're also going to be having a table (hopefully) at Anime Evolution this year, which is an Anime Convention, even though I'm not into Anime (AT ALL) Its a really good opportunity for us to ell our comics and art. WHee!

SO anyway, Thats my update.
Just thought I'd let you know that I'm still alive, and kicking.

Catch Ya later!


  1. Jayleen, I'm trying to decide if I want to put the class in my budget. It's already screaming as it is... About your digis, just remember that some of us have tons of stamps that have never been inked or printed; we keep them until the perfect project comes up. For example, I've had those hamsters colored since a couple of days after you released them. I want to make some Valentine's day or birthday cards with them, but just haven't made it happen yet. And I have a whole sheet full colored!

    Don't be discouraged! You have to be patient with crafters... ;D

  2. Hi Jayleen, I'm a newbie crafter and was directed to your site through an email link. At the moment I do not own copics but want to buy some. not sure if I shoud buy 36, 72 or any other set. What would you suggest for a newbie who is just starting out. I've been coloring with prismacolor pencils and markers or Le Plumme (which i'm not trilled with) but i want to try my hand at copics I love the colors that they create and the vibrancy of them, please advise. If you'd like to see some of my work stop by


  3. I'm looking forward to the upcoming class Jayleen. I'm still trying to figure out the best methods for using the blender pen if thats anything you want to consider.

  4. Checked out your digi that was used--she did a good job!


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