Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Copic Colours

Oh! The last 2 days I spent entirely too much money on Copic Markers! I bought a pile of refills and colours I needed from Opus, then went to my Mums on Saturday looking for a new storage block for my new markers and the man at Country Lane crafts recognized me and said that he had the new 12 colours in stock behind the counter if I wanted to look! (of course!)
Me and another woman basically pillaged his pile, and he's probably completely out now, LOL!
They're wonderful colours!
Okay, I'm having an issue with my markers I've never experienced before, I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience!
On my sketch markers some of them are lighter on one end than the other. as if the ink is settling on one side. The other side is still juicy but a more diluted colours like all the colourless part of the solution is gong to one end and all the dye is going to the other.

I've always stored my markers in the hard cases. I have them standing on end slightly leaned back. I'm convinced it's something I've done or else it wouldn't affect them so randomly, or the internet would have some discussion on it. I've googled my heart out and can't find anything.
I've contacted Copic and I'm just waiting on a reply. Crazy isn't it?! I can't figure it out! I've got the new swatch book now so I'm not sure if I should continue filling it out as I don't know if it's actually accurate colour I'm getting from my markers just now :P

Oh well, It's a little frustrating but I'm confident they'll come up with a solution over at Copic.

I'm going to be working on Wrapping up my Copic class today, as well as some Art Work.

Update: Yes it was fixed, and NO it was not the pressure in the marker. That's the first thing everyone said, but if it was that I wouldn't have posted, as it's the first thing you basically learn about markers... LOL.
Although not 100% sure of the cause, SHAKING the marker, then scribbling with the light end until it came to the right colour, or refilling the marker again fixed it.


  1. I finally just purchased my first copic markers and are due to arrive in the mail tomorrow. I purchased the Copic Ciao Set A (36) and Set B (36). I will be anxious to know what you find out so I can prevent these problems. Thank you! My e-mail is

  2. You might consider going onto Marianns Walker's blog: and asking her this question about the color difference. I am assuming that you haven't refilled that marker at all......

  3. She's who I'm waiting for a reply from.
    I haven't for some, I've refilled others.
    Refilling also doesn't correct the problem

  4. I saw your post and on the chance that Mariann hasn't replied yet, I can tell you what she told us in the class I took from her. It sounds like those pens have unequal pressures at either end. It can happen with changing weather conditions or if you travel with your pens. The way you store them doesn't make a difference either way. Good news is that it's really easy to fix. Just uncap both ends and let the pen sit for a few minutes. Works like a charm for me!

  5. Donna: Unfortunately that's not the case. That was the first thing I thought it was so it was the first remedy I tried. I left them uncapped for quite some time (long enough to cause them to even dry out a little) and they have had no change at all.

  6. Mine were doing this. I have mine stored in a case by a window. It gets pretty cold near the window now because its winter and I live in an 100 yr old house and its pretty drafty. Some of my pens felt really cold and this is what they were doing. I let them sit out over night on my desk to warm up and they haven't been doing it since. I think the tips may have frozen a bit on mine.

  7. Catwoman: Interesting you say that because it initially began happening when our temperature dropped drastically really suddenly one time. but they're not recovering at all, and its now warm.
    When I mentioned this to Marianne she assures me it's not the problem though.



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