Monday, 14 February 2011

Updates: Live stream

Hello all!
The class is going well (I think!?) and I'm pleased with the progress all the students are making. I do plan on doing more classes in the future, some smaller ones and some bigger ones. I have many ideas. I hope the students are enjoying the class :)

Anyway, 2 weeks in a row I managed to get some time together to go on livestream and record some live colouring! If you're interested in watching me colour live, there is also a chat on livestream so as I'm colouring you can interact with me and ask me questions! It's a great way to learn! Almost all of my live streams are Copic marker related, but there are a few animation ones sprinkled in there as well.
here is a little widget of my library:

guruubii on Broadcast Live Free

I generally post on my Art blog when I've completed a livestream showing the original sketch, the video and the final work. If you're interested you should follow that blog too!
Here are my 2 latest posts:
Colouring Edlyn
Colouring Pehny and Stacy
You can watch all my previous liveStream broadcasts any time, so if you miss one, you can always watch it later. It's a wonderful system and I enjoy it a great deal!
If you ever want to know when I'm going live, the best way is to watch my twitter! I always tweet when I'm going to be going live. I generally do it on Mondays, but I've taken some time off work at the end of this month so I might get some other days in as well, if I can draw enough to colour, HAHA!

How is everyone?
Any requests, suggestions, ideas? fire away!

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