Sunday, 25 September 2011

Possible class soon

So, I might be doing a Copic class very soon (like in the next few months). Anyone have any suggestions for what I should cover in it?
It will be something similar to before where enrolling gives you access to videos and you have full access to me for critique and guidance. I doubt it will be a long one. perhaps a week long, and maybe multiple classes over a few weeks.
 Please comment your suggestions/ideas/ wishes now, so I can come up with a plan!


  1. I'd be interested in something concept-art-y, how to go about laying down blobs of shape and colour or sketchy marker strokes to get a sense of the atmosphere of a scene, or the rough design of a character without having to catch myself up in the lineart first.

  2. You mean like the backgrounds in this: and this: ??
    Hmmm.... I think I can come up with something like that... I must ponder this! thank you :D

  3. Yes! ^^ General ambience and blobby colours/shapes.

  4. I have a girlfriend who has NEVER taken an art class and was interested in Copic Markers. How about if you start from the beginning on how to shade. Tips could be if you have tried other markers that maybe cheaper. :) Maybe you could do a class on which marker is best and why.

  5. lisa: There's lots of information for free on youtube regarding that and I've done a fair amount of product comparisons on my blogs for that. I wouldn't want to do a pay for class for something so freely accessible. If your friend has some questions they can feel free to ask me and I'll pass that information along :)
    I'm more thinking of something a bit more advanced :)


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