Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New Digi stamps in my shop

Just a heads up that I added a few more of my digital stamps to my shop. Some of you know this, but our shop actually had a fatal error not to long ago and we lost everything and had to install a new shop, so I'm adding all the products in one by one. Our comics (main job) were top priority once we got it going, but I'm slowly adding in all the old digital stamps.
If while you're browsing my blog, you see a stamp that's listed as for sale, and its not yet back up in my shop, comment on the post then I'll get it into the shop as soon as I can. you could also email me - markerguru@gurukitty.com

Thanks for all the comments! Phew, the traffic on here has been crazzzzzyyyy the last 2 days! Whats up with that? LOL


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