Sunday, 5 August 2012

Raising Funds

Hello Friends,
Normally Only marker related posts go here (and I'll have a new thing to share soon!) but today I wanted to reach our to you all, and ask you to help us out. I'm a comic book creator as most of you know, and being independent (I dont work for a big company, I self publish) not paid wages beyond my own profits earned from hard work, and selling our comics. We've created an Anthology project where many artists have submitted their work to be included, and for their contribution they get a copy of the book. These initial books we give away for free to the artists, cost us nearly 1000$ to print and mail. To help us with that cost, we need contributions. Please check our our campaign. Thank you So much! Please share it around and spread the word! We artists have to stick together and help eachother out, right? :)

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