Sunday, 9 December 2012

review: Copic sketchbook

Hi! Copic recently redesigned their sketchbooks to be "new and improved" so of course I had to see for myself and got one. I really liked the old sketchbooks so I knew copic would be up to something extra awesome. My suspicion was that the paper would be x-press it blending card, and I hoped it would be.
I did a little comparison and I am pretty certain that its true. This is fantastic news for illustrators like me who use the blending card since the colour layouts and sketches can be done in a sketchbook of the same awesome paper the final work will be done on. You can record the colours used and know they'll look the same in the final. (Paper affects colours a LOT)
This is also awesome for card makers as your swatch books can be in handy pre bound books of the same paper.
For those of you who haven't used this paper I highly recommend it.
Its a very smooth white card stock. Its best feature is how easily colours blend and how smoothly. The paper does most of the work, its awesome. The paper is a fairly neutral white but does lean towards being a bit of a cool white. (When I need a warmer paper I get aquabee marker paper.)
Mistakes correct really easily on blending card/copic sketchbook and inking pens are smooth and heavenly;
They glide like silk over the paper.
I'm going to be honest, I haven't found a flaw in these yet except one thing; the covers on the sketchbook rub black all over the first and last page. Pretty minor. Though as I usually just make a mess of those pages anyway.
The covers themselves are plain black sort of like matboard. Perfect for customization with paint pens, acrylics, or collage.
So, yeah. I highly recommend getting a copic sketchbook! Canadians can go to Opus Art Supplies to get them everyone else

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