Sunday, 30 May 2010

Copic Certified!

So I took the Copic Certification course today, and it was great fun :)
It was a lot of review for me, I've been using Markers in general for nearly a decade and I'm also a google junkie and learned many techniques that way, but it was still neat to see some of the techniques I knew about but haven't actually tried out yet. There's something to be said for seeing them in person not in images.
So, I got a little goody Bag of Copics at the workshop today, and I was lucky enough to sit at a spot that seemed to cater to my every desire!
For the last few weeks I have been desperately trying to find the coloured Copic MultiLiner SP pens in cool grey and pink for my illustrations, and I couldn't find them anywhere. I could special order them through my work, but there was a 6 minimum quantity. I almost did it despite my frustration about it, when I visited the store across the street from me, Petrovs (which I avoid because the customer service is atrocious and the woman who owns it was cruel to me) and they had the disposable Copic Multiliners just not in pink, but I did get greys.
So I was happy, but still a little bummed about the pink one. When I opened my cute Copic pencil case lo and behold, there was a Pink Multiliner SP inside! HA! Also a .35 black Multiliner SP which is the only one I didn't have in my set. In addition to these bonuses, every colour marker in my kit was new for me! I've added them to my Copic List already. The only colour I already had was B29, but I had it in sketch, and got it in a Wide in my kit. I also got Copic Original V06 and V09, Copic Ciao Y11, and Copic Sketch and Refill,Y04.
So I was very happy about that. I got to meet a few really nice artists as well, and I gained a bit more of an appreciation for the card makers. Don't worry though, I'll keep this blog Illustration focused, like I promised! There are more than enough card blogs out there!
Eventually I will make additions to my Resource book, as soon as I convert my scribbles into real swatches, and I will post that here as well, and I will also post some more tutorials soon. Anything in Particular you want me to explore, or should I just keep trucking along with random tid bits?

Today I'll be working on the line art I posted on my Sketch Blog the other day, testing out my new mad marker skills and the glowing inspiration I got from today!
Keep your eyes peeled (ew) for more from me, soon!

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