Monday, 31 May 2010

reference book 2

So after my Copic Certification course, I came home with 2 pages of swatches, tests, and tricks to translate into my resource book! Golly, what a task. Welcome to swatch Madness! 
So this is how I've continued on my swatch book; I apologize for the quality of the images. Its a dark rainy day, with no light!
I thought first and foremost, I needed a page for my custom mixed colours.  I've only got 2 so far (out of empty markers! waa!) But here's how I set this up.
I put a swatch with dagger strokes (Flicking strokes) on the side, and then labelled the colours and the ratios used to make these colours. The first colour is a really like colour I use often for skin shading. It works best as a middle or bottom layer as its so light it tends to push colours away.
The second colour is a red black I made. I rarely use true black, but sometimes I need almost black. My illustrations have fire in them sometimes and fire always looks best on a dark background, but I wanted a dark colour that had some heat to it. Red black, Viola!
So that's one of my new pages.
I already started converting some of the Feather blending tests into a page of good combinations :)
I know I mentioned I'd post bad combinations as well, but Right now I'm trying to preserve the good ones.
Now they had some more colours than I had at the workshop, so I had to make some swaps and exceptions for my swatches on this sheet. I'll save my crazy swatch madness as well, for the future when I get those colours.
Something I started working on before was some colour themes. I got a colour combo swatch sheet from Copic Creations, and made some little swatches of colour combinations I like. I know people like to stick within the blending families, but. you know, I don't! HA! I like to sometimes have dominant colours etc.
Anyway, so the first couple pages are of some colour combinations within colour groups
You see I have some yellows, and greens and earth colours. some of them are all the same value, and some of them have a dominant colour. They're just colour combinations I liked for some reason or another. I can refer to this if I need to when I'm illustrating.
These next swatches are colour themes:
See, they're not (mostly) within colour groups, but they're just colour combinations I thought looked good. Sometimes when I'm designing characters I have a hard time coming up with a colour theme for a character so I can flick through here and see a combination I like, like the pinks and greens, or orange and blue violets. Nice!

So there it is, That's as far as I've gotten... HAHA! working on more! Show me yours!
Next, I'll be doing a swatch page of effects I think :D


  1. OMG, you are way too organized LOL! I do like the idea of figuring out the good combos and having them coloured up as a key, I think I'm going to have to invest some time in copying you on that :-)

  2. LOL, I'm not normally this organized. Only when related to markers! HAHA!
    yes, copy all you like :D
    I've got more I'm adding in too, on some textures :)


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