Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Copic Marker Challenge #3

So I thought I'd post this here. I've used a new paper here called Xpress it Blending card. I thought it only fitting since it's the prize for the contest. I bought a small package of it to experiment and I'm hooked. It doesn't feather or bleed or anything like that. It's really lovely and silky smooth! I'll do a proper post and add it to my paper comparison page some day, but for now I thought I'd share the Copic challenge with you.

I sketched this out yesterday and decided to use it for the copic colour challenge on the Icopic Blog.
So it's little guru wooing albino dinosaurs.
thats what I do.

Supposed to list the colours used:

and some homemade colours as well.

If you'd like to see more of my artwork and the Comic Project visit my other blog Animated Guru


  1. Hello. I like your submission to iCopic. Love the dino's 'freckles'. Need to remember to try that for myself.

    Just FYI - the Guru and dino images you draw would make great digi stamps. I know you're not AT ALL a crafter/card maker, but those would be great for boy-themed cards and projects. Might also bring you some general blog traffic and earn you a little money with an Etsy store or something. Just a thought. :)

  2. @Queen B

    Hey! Thanks so much!
    I wondered about making stamps - these drawings are related to my comic book I'm making but I do have other ideas that would probably make it in the stamping world.
    I just never knew how to ..get started on that, or how to offer that. I sell some things on etsy (though I loath the fees on there. Artfire is free and i like that)

    any ideas how I would get started offering digi stamps? I'd love to see card makers using my images :)

  3. I love your characters! And yes your art would be very marketable to Card makers! What you are doing at ICopic by entering the challenges is a great way to get your stuff out there to crafters, I downloaded your free stamp and will use it. When I post it on my site I will link it to yours! So keep up what you are doing ans slowly expand, I would go looking for Copic challenges (many will be cardmaking) and ask if you can participate with your art, you will get a lot of traffic because your look is beautiful and unique!

  4. @scrapweaver Wow, thank you for that wonderful comment :D I've posted a few designs in my shop and on artfire to start myself off, and I have a whole sketchbook full of more sketches I am working on converting into designs for download.

    I'm for sure going to take your advice and dive into some copic challenges! I'll have to look around and find some! if you could recommend any, that would be awesome :D

    Thank you again for such a supportive and kind comment :D I'm super motivated to keep plugging along now :D

  5. This is fantastic! I agree with what was stated above...it is hard to find masculine stamps and this image is great!

  6. @rene
    Thank you so much :D I will make sure to produce a good pile of boyish stamps to fill this need! count on me :D


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