Thursday, 9 September 2010


Several people have told me that I should make Digi-stamps and that my designs would make awesome digi stamps.... I'm giving in! I'm going to be making some digi stamps to sell on Gurukitty and possibly Artfire or Etsy (etsy's fee's make me angry though).
My biggest fear is the redistribution. Do you stampers and digi-stamp providers find that most people are compliant with your policies?

I know, I know, I said my blog was for illustrators and not stampers because lets face it, there are enough stamping blogs, but I can't help but want to draw in that wonderful community that the stampers and card makers have.  Illustrators just don't have that community.
I promise, I'll only post new digi- stamps here when they come up, but my tutorials and informative articles will still be all illustration based.

I'm thinking I'll give it a shot. I'll post a couple stamps and see what comes of it.

I posted a little poll on the side of my blog. Let me know what you think, and I'll let you know when my first stamps are posted.

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