Friday, 10 September 2010

Free Digi Stamp

Hello people :D
I've posted a free give-away digi-stamp :D The page is a permanent page linked at the top of my blog there. You can access it any time! If you know someone who uses DigiStamps please direct them here! This is the introduction stamp to a line of stamp designs I'll be selling on my shop. So go have a look, get addicted to the beastly cuteness, and yearn for more :D Your feedback would be very much appreciated as I'm just getting started making these things. I'd love to know what you need!

Check it out! My first pack is ready for purchase from the shop!

DinoPack Available in the shop. If you have a problem finding it, please email me, or comment. I'll get it to you. Shop crashed and burned a while back, and I've not re added them all up yet!

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