Monday, 13 September 2010

New Free Stamp

The password for the ZIP file is gkfree
This is a cute little Michael Jackson up on his toes, where he belongs. Just click on the thumbnail to download the .ZIP file. it contains one JPEG and one PNG version of the image.
 Very soon I'll be posting a Halloween Pack of stamps for sale! Check out the Dino Pack already available in the Gurukitty Shop!

If your friends, or someone you know would like the free MJ, please direct them here rather than giving them the file. (I'd like to track how many people take him, and the link is special for tracking).

If you're interested in more designs by me for digi stamps, keep your eye on the Gurukitty Shop, where we will be posting lots more designs for sale. Please also feel very free to suggest some design ideas for me.
I already have plans for some boy stamps; Robots mostly, but I will come up with more ideas as well. Halloween ones are done, and Christmas is next on my to do list.
I'll likely post some Halloween Free bees too. I'll see how much I have drawn up!

Please take a minute to review my terms and policies related to my stamps:

As a side note, What type of Tutorials related to Colouring would be useful to everyone? I'd like to do some more, besides redoing my bad sound ones.
Let me know! YOur feedback is very much appreciated!


  1. Good for you for creating some digi stamps, I'll be keeping a watch here--glad to hear that xmas ones are in the works, since it's that time of year.
    As for tutorials, what about one for icicles and snow and snowmen --how to colour things that are white....would be good for wedding dresses too....
    Enjoy your week :-)

  2. @ happycrafter Yes, sketching Xmas ones right now :)

    That would be fitting I think, and really simple to do as well, so I can try to get it done sometime this week :D
    Did you get the Digi stamps I sent you?
    Fall time ones :D

  3. no, I didn't get digi's from you and can't find your email address. mine is locatable through blogger...
    Thanks again for the ice and snow tutorial!

  4. Hmm.. I sent it as a message through blogger from your profile. I'll resend again and see... okay sent!

  5. Love MJ image , thx, will look out fior the Xmas and Halloween........:)
    Good luck with this....hugs..:)


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