Monday, 25 October 2010

Call for a designer or 2

I was thinking, I need someone to be producing cute stuff from my free-bee's to promote my Digi's, but I don't need a full design team just yet I don't think.
So I'm looking for 1 or 2 people to do a project every week (or once every 2 weeks if it's 2 people) to use my weekly Free-Bee in a project.
The amount of work involved would depend on if I take on 1 or 2 people.
I am looking for someone with the time to do a project once a week (or once every 2 weeks if I take on 2) using my Digistamps. This person would have to have a good proficiency in Copic Markers, and possibly even be Copic certified. A good knowledge of blogging, and the internet in general is a great asset, as well as a good design sense. This is a low demand position so don't feel pressure!

What you'd need to do as a designer
  • Use my Weekly Free-bee to create a project coloured with copic markers.
    • The image would be reposted on my blog along with the following weeks free-bee. so I release the Free-bee on Monday, I'd need your completed project by Saturday to schedule my blog post.
  • Post that project on your blog, then email me the link to it on a deadline (6 days).
    • In your post you must link to my blog, as well as describe the Copic techniques and colours you used. Using my Tutorials and linking to those is extra special!
  • Grant me permission to repost that image on my blog. (of course, LOL)
  • Link to my blog on a journal widget with a badge (I'll make) stating you're my designer.
The Rewards
As my designer you would get the following rewards for the duration of time you'd be designing for me (if applicable)
  • a pack of 25 custom buttons of your own design mailed to you (see information here - this is a great promotional tool for you as you can put your logo on them and give them away) As well as some prints, and trinkets we make for our shop. Call it a gift pack ;)
  • A free Digistamp for each project you create (aside from my Free-Bee - you would be able to choose from my shop every week you post - more information on that once I choose the people/person.)
  • You will be promoted on my blog widget as my designer which in hand promotes via all my social networks - Twitter, facebook, CDAC, tumblr, deviantART and ...a myriad of groups, LOL.
I am trying to think of more rewards - the application will have a survey portion to suggest more rewards if you think this isn't enough. Please keep in mind, I don't run a retail store (just my online shop) so actual product from a store is not something I have access to at cost or anything... so ya... I cant like... provide Copic markers or anything like that, unfortunately.

I don't have a deadline for how long you'd be on my design team...Yet.

How to apply
To apply, simply fill out this cute little form I made! Lets be honest - this is the first time I've had a call for designers so I don't know how long I'd take to choose an applicant. But I'd like to do this fairly quickly so I'll be accepting applications until November 8th. Then I will just say I'll pick an applicant as soon as I can from that date.
It won't hurt your chances if you join my group on CDAC and follow my blog as well! LOL


  1. How neat! I'm overly new with Copics still so I doubt you'd pick me... But good luck to whoever applies!

  2. New or not, it's worth a shot isnt it? :)


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