Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday Free-Bee Give Away -Raven

Now Available in the shop. If you have a problem finding it, please email me, or comment. I'll get it to you. Shop crashed and burned a while back, and I've not re added them all up yet!
Here is your monday freebee! a nice puffy raven for your last minute Halloween crafts!
Just click on the image for the larger size and take it.
Please be mindful of my Terms and please consider adding my badge to your blog if you use my freebees, and don't forget to post it on the freebees page!
I've got an article to write today but if I get it done fast enough I'll see if  I can get another tutorial up today as well!
So when talking to the owner of a craft store yesterday he made comment that most Crafters don't refill their copic markers! Is this TRUE?!
If so, you are wasting extraordinary amounts of money and adding so much to the landfills that could be diverted.
Copic markers are designed to last your life time! Refill! It's easier than going to the store to buy another new marker and one refill bottle equals 10 markers or more! Please refill! Think of our planet!
In case you think that refilling is intimidating, it is easy as squeezing water in a pen tube!


  1. Thank you for the's so cute....

  2. Oh I forgot.....I refill my copic.....

  3. Glad to hear it, Gloria! I couldn't imagine throwing out a marker! my goodness!

    Glad you like my raven too! <3

  4. Keep up the great work. I just love your tutorials and videos. I am new to copics, but my stash is growing slowly. I have not had to refill here, but I do know our scrapbook store will refill them if you don't want to do it yourself. Thanks for the freebie, and all the great info

  5. Just received my package today! Woohoo! Thank you, everything looks fabulous. I'll post more on my blog later. :-)

  6. Always glad to hear someone getting into Copics, HAHA!
    Thank you!

  7. Yay! Lori! Glad you got it :D hope it arrived safe and sound :D


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