Monday, 4 October 2010

Christmas card contest entry

At my work, Opus, Every year they give us this really tiny deadline to get in a Christmas card contest entry. I know I wont win because it's not christmassy enough. At the same time they preach being neutral because of our heavily mixed culture, but I know they want christmassy. I'm going to Cross post this to my Art blog, sorry for those who watch both, you'll get it twice 

Anyway, this is my little frog entry:
It's frogs. Yup.Even though frogs wouldn't be out in winter.
I was kinda making a jab at the mild winters here. 
Okay the rules state Opus logo must be present in the card so I hope mine's not too hidden. 
The frogs ate glow bugs in the opus logo colours, and they're tummies are glowing and the Opus logo is the coloured reflections in the water.
I think it looks cute so even if I don't win I think the logo isn't SO obvious it can't stand on it's own as an illustration.
I may fiddle with the text and placement a little but meh, I kinda like it.

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