Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday Free Bee - GoldFish

This is my only day off this week, so I was panicking about getting a free bee up, as I've been SO busy I basically fall asleep as soon as I get home, have dinner, go back to sleep. Still can't seem to get enough sleep. I've also been moving furniture, shelving, boxes, and skids for 8 days straight between moving my mum and store renovations, and a huge frame sale.
Right now I'm trying not to freeze to death! Its -4 degrees out there.

Anyway, last weeks freebee was a little Dolphin and my fab designer, Happy crafter, did an awesome card with it!
I really like the colours of this one! the glitter pen adds a nice shine to him :) Very nice!

Well, so there you have it, you can always swing by and get past free Bees from the Free Bee's page linked on the top of my blog!
This week's freebee is a little goldfish
Now Available in the shop. If you have a problem finding it, please email me, or comment. I'll get it to you. Shop crashed and burned a while back, and I've not re added them all up yet!
I love goldfish! I'm going to post art work later perhaps! woo!


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