Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Product Suggestions

So I've recently been feeling a little stifled by the range of materials Copic has (I know, Markers should be enough but I use so much more! and I'm into accessories) and sent in a couple product suggestions in to Copic for a couple of things, one was a type of brush for the ink, and one was an ink Palette. 
So in thinking about what I was looking for in products like this, I got curious.. What would YOUR ideal Copic brush (not nib, but actual brush for painting with Copic ink) be like, and what would an ideal Copic ink palette look like to you? I have always mixed my colours on the surface of my desk. It's a slightly textured melamine surface and the ink doesn't spread too fast or creep much on it, making it easier to mix colours and stuff. (I also use it for palette blending). 
Ya, I know what I'm looking for in these products but I'm curious about what you would look for. Have you even tried the inks? I highly recommend it if you haven't. You can use q-tips to paint with them (until they start manufacturing my suggestions LMAO). I've also used the colourless blender with a variety of paint brushes for some effects. pretty swanky!

As a side note,  for a limited time I have opened commissions for Copic Sketch cards of you/your character riding a dinosaur of your choice.
YOU HAVE UNTIL APRIL 10th to Order them!

Fill out THIS ORDER FORM to order a dinosaur riding commission! After you submit it I will send a paypal request for money to the address you provide me. Once I receive your payment, I'll work on your Dinosaur!

Because they're sketch cards I can add a simple Background like the examples in this blog post: [link]
please note! Sketch cards are 2.5"x3.5" small! there is a limited amount of detail that can be obtained in this! you can specify shirt colour and pants colour, IF I can get that it.

Each sketch card will cost $10!

Payment is due before I even start your card, and you must pay before the 10th of April. Any payment received after the 10th will be refunded and I will not do it! 

Here are some examples of the sketch cards:


  1. You are raising interesting point's there, as i only have a 'few' copic's, which i had your stash.lol, i can only comment on experience through other craft's, Red Sable 00, point, might work , the palette would have to be a non-poreuse (ohh wrong spelling) light colored, light weight, with just slight indentations, hope i made sense, lol, sometimes i don't understand myself....hehehe
    You are truly talented!!
    lotsa luv

  2. I avoid sable brushes because they're full of monstrous animal cruelty, but I also don't like how it works with the ink, I'm doing larger areas, if I was going that small I'd stick with just the marker I think. I've tried a huge variety of brushes (I work in an art store, lol) nothing grabs me!

    I'm in the process of MAKING myself a resin palette with little divots. I'll see how that goes, if it works I'll post pictures and possibly a step by step on how to make it (maybe put them in my shop even?! I'm also looking for something with air tight bottles on it, so I can make tiny portions of custom mix colours as well, and save them.

    Thank you so much :D


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