Saturday, 2 October 2010

Thank you!

Wow! Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on my blog, the new followers, the shoppers in my shop, and the people who joined my group :D This blog hop is so awesome so far! I haven't yet had the energy to hop through myself yet, but I will as soon as I can. I've been struck down with a cold, and a rough day at the job so I'm doing my best.
Anyway, thank you all! I would reply to each one of you on the blog itself but I don't want to add comments by me to make drawing a winner too hard. HA!

Okay my reason for posting, aside from expressing my happiness was I wanted to tell you about the new page on my blog, My To do List! I've got my links along the top of my blog under my header, and this is my newest one. This is the To do List you guys get to write for me ;)
Any tutorial you want me to make, comment on there and tell me, any requests for Digi Stamps, anything like that.

Also, if you make a card, or project with one of my Digistamps please feel free to link it in a comment on my other page, and I'll add it there. I'd like to keep a running list of all the projects who use my card so I can always go look at them, and appreciate your work :) I'll link to your blog post on that page!

Okay, I have a contest entry to work on for My work's staff christmas card, and It's due soon so I gotta break out those copics before hopping blogs (I hopped before colouring...fewlish girl! the card will never get coloured!)! I'm going to follow every single blog on the hop :D


  1. Hi,
    I discovered your blog via twitter. I am living in Germany, and bought my first copics one week ago. I am devouring any information about those wonderful tools! I use them for coloring my drawings and didn't do anything with stamps yet--may I nevertheless join your community?

  2. Hello Ulla! Yes, join! Thanks so much for following my blog :D
    Be sure to join the CDAC if you havent already :D
    I have a group there


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